On a mission to personalize
the world of ecommerce

We believe that personalization shouldn’t be hard, and every brand deserves the best tools to provide personalized experiences. We want to empower the average online  business with Amazon-like superpowers.

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Who we are

We’re building the new generation of online marketing tools. We’re making old, clunky personalization software obsolete, and showing the world that efficiency and simplicity can coexist. Our long-term goal is for all website-related optimization to happen within OptiMonk, helping marketers make big gains in productivity.

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Our story

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Growing together with our users

After working with hundreds of ecommerce brands, Nicole and Csaba (our founders), realized that all these companies shared a single greatest pain point: losing potential buyers. They envisioned a tool that could make everyone a master online seller and help them turn more traffic into sales.

In 2014, OptiMonk came to life in the heart of Europe with a singular goal: to engage website visitors without impairing the user experience.

We started as a simple exit-intent solution and rapidly evolved into a powerful website personalization platform. Today, we’re incredibly proud that 30K+ websites use OptiMonk in more than 150 countries.

2014 OptiMonk 1.0

Simple Exit-intent Popup Tool

2018 OptiMonk 2.0

Ecommerce Popup Toolkit

2022 OptiMonk 3.0

Website Personalization Platform

Life at OptiMonk

In Debrecen, Budapest and across the globe.

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Our values

Guiding our decisions and keeping us…


Always keep improving

Learning never ends, so keep studying, exploring, and discovering. As Aristotle said, “the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.”

Wow your customer

Constantly strive to deliver the best product for our customers with the highest level of service. Make every customer interaction positive and memorable.


Look at every idea, project or initiative with an open mind. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and seek for better solutions.

Sweep the floor

Never feel that any work is “beneath you” or that you are “too cool” to take on a task. Be humble and modest, let your actions speak for you.

Owner mentality

Take a proactive approach to making things better. If you find a mistake, fix it; even if it’s not “your job”.

Mutual respect

We don’t tolerate bullies. Be fair to others and give them the same respect you would ask for yourself.

Enjoy the game

“Work” and “fun” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Build a happy workplace where we can all be ourselves and work together to accomplish our goals.
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Our leadership

Bringing a wealth of experience from different areas

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CEO & Co-Founder

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CCO & Co-Founder

szzoltan main avatar - About us

Head of Product

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Head of Marketing

Our team

Working around the clock to make personalization possible for every ecommerce entrepreneur

mark majoros - About us
Mark Majoros

Product Manager

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Nandor Hargita

Product Manager

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Judit Pal


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Nikolett Lorincz


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Mercedesz Nemes


b company 300x300 - About us
Barbara Bartucz


KLI 9317 300x300 - About us
Miklos Kovacs

Partnership manager

1601795125366 300x300 - About us
Agnes Kovacs

HR specialist

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Timea Bartha

Finance Manager

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Mate Beres

Finance Manager

1664869120320 300x300 - About us
Agnes Nagy

Finance Associate

61843441 2052153678230331 5556709098495410176 n 300x300 - About us
Alexandra Tasnadi

Finance Associate

Profile cut 2 300x300 - About us
Tibor Szabo

Product Designer

lilla kisberi varga profile pic round 300x300 - About us
Lilla Kisberi-Varga

Product Designer

viktor 300x300 - About us
Boros Viktor

Graphics Designer

dorabali - About us
Dora Bali

UX Researcher

e kata - About us
Kata Gazso

CVO Expert

unnamed 1 300x300 - About us
Fruzsina Szegedi

CVO Expert

eszterbudai - About us
Budai Eszter

Sales Manager

Árvai Réka 300x300 - About us
Reka Arvai

Customer Service Specialist

tamasviragos - About us
Tamas Viragos

Customer Service Specialist

chrisgatt - About us
Christopher Gatt

Customer Service Specialist

ZsofiaFulop 300x300 - About us
Zsofia Fulop

Customer Service Specialist

Me 1 300x300 - About us
Zsuzsanna Somiu

Office Manager

PhotoRoom 20210528 071622 300x294 - About us
Andras Barthazi

Engineering Manager

peter fodor - About us
Peter Fodor


gergo gyulai - About us
Gergo Gyulai


peter jozsa 300x300 - About us
Peter Jozsa


0 e1600785839703 300x300 - About us
Gabor Horvath


0001 2 m 300x300 - About us
Alexandra Szanto


vargamate - About us
Mate Varga


12814528 1178937432119424 3640413338613635921 n 300x300 - About us
Gabor Kassai


me 300x300 - About us
Balazs Brezina


ABEB8AD3 0601 4D85 A26B 30B4E0AFB674 1 300x300 - About us
Erik Grof


istvan foldy - About us
Istvan Foldy


perge jani 300x300 - About us
Janos Perge


hivatalos 300x300 - About us
Zsolt Rabai

Data Scientist

gergely bohut - About us
Gergely Bohut


Fruzsi 300x300 - About us
Fruzsina Onadi

Manual Tester

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